Arya Beauty

Mahnoor’s passion and creative ingenuity led her to create Arya Beauty in August 2020. For over 5 years, her experience as a business entrepreneur has equipped her with the knowledge and insight to create, innovate, and cultivate, a brand of exceptional quality and excellence.

Arya Beauty creates cruelty-free,vegan & clean cosmetics that are user friendly, functional and always on trend. We love developing products that require minimal effort yet deliver maximum results. We are determined to bridge the gap between artistry, efficacy and comfort one product at a time.

A represents diversity, design, and development. It links artistry, creativity, innovation, & versatility.

R evokes originality, openness to the world, horizons and infinity. Beauty is recurrent yet incredibly unique.

Y represents style, sophistication, self confidence and success. A mix of sweet & sassy ;)

A stands for edgy, easy to use, effortless and excellent. Made for everyone, everyday.