Medium Cosmetic Case


Our popular Cosmetic Case comes in a Medium size in a stunning Leather exterior with beautiful hardware details. It’s perfect for that short weekend away, with enough storage to fit only your fave essentials aka holy grails.


Brush inserts
Zipped slot for palette storage
Bottom compartment includes soft removable dividers
Why we opt for soft instead of plastic dividers:
Soft dividers will ensure your products avoid damages and stays in pristine condition during bumpy travels
It’s scratch proof and uses minimal force when you’re customising which also means you’ll avoid damaging the dividers
Our fave reason of all.. no noisy rattling! You don't have to limit the movement with soft dividers, pack as much as you please
A clear glossy coat has been added to the dividers to ensure an easy cleaning process
Back opening to secure perfectly onto any extendable luggage handle
Dimensions: L 25.5cm x W 22.5cm x H 9.5cm

Material: PU leather, dividers are made of ply wood with foam exterior

Weight: 1kg

*Makeup not included