Rose Quartz Mushroom Lifting/tightening stone



What are the benefits of Rose Quartz massage mushrooms?

Rose Quartz has been used in ancient Chinese medicine for centuries due to numerous health and skincare benefits. The following may explain why:

  • rose quartz contains more than 30 different types of trace elements beneficial to the body including selenium, zinc, nickel, cobalt, manganese and
  • Its use during facial or body massage helps to improve blood circulation, skin texture and shine, shrinks pores and tightens the skin reducing fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and swelling. Facial massage is great for lymphatic drainage and the use of these stones adds general relaxation and mental well-being thereby promoting sleep. They feel cold naturally but can be stored inside a fridge for an extra cooling and tightening effect on the skin. Alternatively, they may be placed in very warm water before use for a more soothing warm massage before bedtime.

How do I use them- We highly recommend massaging both sides of the face and neck simultaneously for a more uniform lymphatic or sculpting massage and for visually better results.

  • Cleanse face first then apply some oil or cream to the face or area being massaged before using the tools. The stones should glide over the skin but not be too slippery or too dry pulling on the skin.

Why are they better than Jade Rollers or other Gua Sha tools?

  • These solid stones don’t need a plastic or metal handle that often comes apart after a few uses. The mushrooms are less likely to break or snap like the Gua Sha pieces.
  • Unlike the jade rollers or Gua Sha pieces, these mushrooms have flat heads and are less likely to scrape or cause bruising.
  • The flat surface heads of these mushrooms are better for stimulating the lymph nodes and effectiveness of lymphatic drainage. This is why most lymphedema therapists recommend using the palm of your hands in circular motions in the affected area with slight pressure first then swiping away and down the neck for better drainage. The mushrooms are perfect for this with the added benefit of the cooling sensation (or warm if stones are heated up first) of these stones. The natural crystal stones also have over 30 trace elements and minerals as mentioned above for added benefit.