Scalp Cleansing Brush


The Arya Essentials Scalp Cleansing Brush is a durable and effective head massager for hair growth. This shower hair brush is made from durable plastic, with an attached rope for convenient storage. The massage brush features long bristles that penetrate the hair to get through to the scalp underneath. The bristles exfoliate, stimulate circulation, and deeply cleanse the scalp. Hair that's healthy grows much faster. The scalp cleaner removes environmental impurities and product build-up that result in dull and lifeless hair. A daily and soothing massage with this head scalp massager not only feels wonderful - it's the best massage to stimulate luxurious locks. The silicone scrubber for hair digs deep to take proper care of the scalp and hair follicles. Use the hair shampoo brush daily to improve hair and scalp health.


Use the head scalp massager brush to deep clean scalp, increase circulation and improve hair growth and shine.

Suggested Use

Distribute shampoo or conditioner through hair, then use brush to massage with medium pressure. Rinse.